Jenny Steele


Jenny Steele, When buildings stand up/ when buildings fall down, 2013.


Jenny Steele, Upwards 1,  2013.


Jenny Steele, Upwards 1, 2013.


Jenny Steele, Upwards 2, 2013.

Jenny Steele’s work reflects on the past, current and future use of architecture that she encounters, processing elements of these spaces through drawing, sculpture, animation and printmaking. Buildings referenced within her work are selected by socio-historical narratives or structural interest, and often suggest a utopic hope for the future, such as post-colonial environments, rural fabrications and post-industrial mills in the North West.

Steele’s latest work references post-colonial buildings in North and South Africa, after several periods of research there in 2012-13. She is particularly interested in seafront architecture from the early 19th century to modernist forms, considering the designs utopian ideals.

The process of drawing, and sensitive uses of colour are the crucial foundations of her work, which build up a timeless spacial atmosphere. The immediacy and simplicity of the drawing process, combined with economic tools, bring her back, time and again to drawing. Sometimes drawing is the end in itself, and other times drawing composes a three dimensional sculptures or print. The formal aspects of the drawing method provide fields of removal and overlap using every day pens and pencils that become devices which reconsider architectural spaces, bringing attention to colour and construction.

Jenny has exhibited widely in the UK, Europe, USA, Japan and China. Recent exhibitions include the solo show ‘Why buildings stand up/ Why Buildings Fall Down’ at Malgras|Naudet (2013) and group exhibitions and projects at BALTIC Artists Book Fair (2013) and The Jerwood Drawing Prize at Mac, Birmingham and UCA, Bournemouth (2013). Examples of residencies include Manchester School of Art (2012), InCertainPlaces (2011) and 501 Artspace, Chongqing, China (2011).

Jenny Steele is represented by PAPER, who recently showed her work at The Manchester Contemporary (2013) and Sluice Art Fair, London (2013). She is a graduate of Goldsmiths MFA (2007) and DOJCAD BA Fine Art (2002).  


Jenny Steele


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